Welcome to Benjamin, Rebecka, Veronica, Helena and Per Hjertén!

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Fam Hjertén
Braxengränd 24
17555 Järfälla
Home: +46 8 58016116
Helena mob: +46 702-72 25 18
Per mob: +46 737-123 286

Helena CV
Per CV

bk Benjamin - little brother.    
Rebecka, little and very soon big sister! Per plays the tenor saxophone in Stockholms Jazzorkester
Veronica, big sister!

Dreaming of flying? Join Kottens Flygklubb, Per's virtual flying club!
A family web. Some of the adventures during our 4 wonderful years  in Japan.
The worlds slowest dixieland band. Jazz makes you happy! Helena is one of the singers in Swing That Music.
Young Chamber Network - an important contact network for fun, cheap and useful in Tokyo!  A snowy week in Sapporo with 3 million visitors and a gold medal!
Another family web.


Created by Helena & Per Hjertén 2000-05-24
Latest updated: 2014-01-10