Viking Venture

Team Sweden
Sapporo Snow Festival 1997

Welcome to the Swedish Team
in the 24th International Snow Sculpture Contest
at the 48th Sapporo Snow Festival.

The Swedish team won
in the disco dance competition, and third price in the B-group
in Sapporo, Hokkaido.

Read all about it in the
Diary - Friday Feb. 7th
Check out who won the competition? You can also look at the pictures from all the other teams and how their sculptures were developed during the week. The Official Snow Festival Homepage also has pictures of the statues.
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The Team and where do we come from?
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- This is our
Schedule for the week in Sapporo.
- Finally wed like to thank our

The Sapporo Snow Festival

The festival began in 1950 and is an annual event. 2-3 million people visit the event during a week in February. The 1997 event will take place 3-11 of February. Hundreds of snow sculptures in all shapes and sizes will be built by professionals as well as amateurs in central Sapporo. All Japanese people follow the Sapporo Snow Festival and the festival is also covered by international media.


The Swedish Participation


  1. To participate in the festival and to build a 3.5 m tall Viking in snow.
  2. To use this opportunity to show as much as possible of Sweden.
  3. To get as much attention as possible by spectacular happenings and promotion events during the festival.


  • The "blue-eyed" team will during 3.5 days shovel snow to build an enormous Viking from a hard and heavy block of snow.
  • The Swedish construction will continuously be shown on Internet in word and picture. You can also communicate directly with the team by e-mail.
  • During the week of building we will have happenings around the Viking. It will be song, music and handing out of gifts to the cheering crowds.
  • The large Swedish Viking Exhibition, a part of the Sweden Campaign, will be in Sapporo at the same time and we will work together to promote Sweden.


The Swedish statue


Contest information

1. Period: February 3 to 9 1997

2. Contest site: International square at Odori Park

3. Team composition: A team should represent a country or other self-governing entity and must be approved by its countries embassy or a public organization of similar standing. However, some teams permitted to participate by the Sapporo Snow Festival Executive Committee need not to comply with this qualification. Some exceptions have been made in these cases. A team consists of 4 persons, including 1 leader and 3 members, regardless of sex or age. Japanese members are not permitted to work with non-Japanese teams.

4. Statue Title, Inscription and Sketch: Each team must submit the title, inscription and sketch of its statue to the Executive Committee for approval before the contest.

5. Rules:

1. A snow block of the dimension of 3.5(h)x3(w)x3(d) meters will be made available by the Executive Committee. The pedestal of the statue, 50 cm in height, is included in in the above dimensions. The carvings on the surface of the pedestal is strictly prohibited. For reasons of design necessity only, the dimensions of the snow statue may be extended by an additional 20 cm of all sides.

2. Placing of supports inside the block of snow provided by the Committee will not be allowed. To make certain that snow statues are safe, materials such as wood and steel, provided by the Committee, can be used only for the purpose of reinforcement.

3. The final statue facing should be done with snow. Use of paint and other coloring materials, and lighting equipment will not be allowed.

4. Construction time:

Tue 4 Feb. 13:00-22:00
Wed 5 Feb. 09:00-22:00
Thu 6 Feb. 09:00-22:00
Fri 7 Feb. 09:00-13:00

5. Each team will be provided with the following tools:

4 shovels
2 buckets
4 pairs of rubber gloves
8 pairs of work gloves
2 chisels, 1 long, 1 short
1 ax
2 hatchets
1 ladder
1 snow dump
1 scaffold

Timber, wire, nails and other basic material will be provided by the Committee. Special tools, including sophisticated machines, are the responsibility of each team. No electric tools or lighting equipment will be used.

6. No assistance by non-registered members. A change in registered members is not possible except under circumstances beyond their control. A change would be possible if the leaders agree at the leaders' meeting.

6. Leaders' meeting: This meeting will be attended by the leaders of the participating teams and the Sapporo Snow Festival Executive Committee members. The meeting is responsible for handling complaints.

7. Group classification: Group A consists of teams which have won a championship before. Others belong to group B.

8. Judging: To make a fair and strict judgement, judges consist of representatives of the citizens who are appointed by the executive committee. Judging system will be announced separately.

9. Awarding: The winners from the A and B groups will be given championship flags at the awards ceremony.

10. Expenses: The executive committee will bear all the expenses of accommodation and meals of 4 participants for the period between the teams arrival in and departure from Sapporo. If any participant does not stay at the hotel designated by the Committee, the accommodation fee will be borne by the participant.

11. Designated hotel:

Hokkaido Koseinenkin Kaikan
Nishi 12-chome,
Kita 1-jo,
Tel +81 (0)11 231-9551

The Teams (totally 24):

Group A (17 teams):

Peoples Republic of China
Hong Kong
New Zealand
Sister City Novosibirsk
Sister City Portland
United Kingdom
United States of America

Group B (7):



Sapporo Snow Festival Executive Committee
City Hall, Nishi 2-chome, Kita 1-jo, Chuo-ku, Sapporo
Tel: +81 (0)11 211-2377
Fax: +81 (0)11 219-0829


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